Saturday, November 04, 2023

Life & Mentorship & Gratitude

My life is characterized by so much for which I am grateful.

Tonight I hosted for dinner, a young couple from the University where I'm active as a Professor.

It is such a joy to be with young persons with their vitality, their curiosity, their insight, and their desire to be shaped to shape the world to be better.

This week, the Chair of our College shared with me that a Senior reported to him:  "Dr. Michelson's class is the best one I've taken in my four years here!"  Fun!

The Provost of the University recently tasked me with aiding some colleagues in conflict, using my peace and conflict negotiation practices, fostering clarity where mis(sed)ing communication, mis(sed)ing perceptions and mis(sed)ing understandings exist.

And . . . today, too, as with many days, I engaged a young person in a Suicide Watch and Mental Health Assessment with my contract work in government facilities for some interstate work in Mental Health.

What a life!

What a great, grand, wonderful life - to aid others, to mentor others, and to work toward peace and flourishing for all living beings.

~ marty

Tuesday, August 01, 2023

Changes, Books, and Shift with Great Colleagues

In the Fall I'll be teaching University courses as I return to my full-time role as Professor.  I'll be back among a host of students and superior faculty colleagues. 

In the past few days, with a colleague, we published a book.  What a delight to have worked on a great project with a great friend (who now lives in Thailand) who I've known from my childhood! The book started in 2022, our friendship began in 1973!

In the past month, my other 2023 book was published. How great that several colleagues and friends informed what emerged in my 2021-2022 project!

I've recently quit working for an exceptional company in Portland, OR.  My boss proved to be a great leader who demonstrated wisdom, insight in compassion, clinical acumen, and leadership vision, and supervision, for how she led and provided direction to me, and to all of us on her team.

I've cut back nearly all of my Mental Health Professional hours and will only be medically on-call working for another great company, where the Health Services Administrator over our Medical Facility has become a great friend, in addition to her keen oversight and directing me in my roles there.

I've always loved reading, writing, learning with others, completing great work with others, being shaped by great supervisors, engaged with great leaders, impacted by super colleagues.

What a life!  How great to live it in the company of others!

Saturday, July 15, 2023

Be the best You.

There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.

― Ernest Hemingway

Friday, July 14, 2023

It's Who You Know - The Privilege of Good Humans

It's amazing how much easier life can be when you work with good people.

This past 9 months  . . . it took me several months to get a *responsive* professional to help me with layout and design on my most recently published book

I finally found a great partner to collaborate with and within weeks - my 1st Book for 2023 was published!

This same expert was then able to immediately began work on my 2nd book. Book #2 is much more complex in layout features, as it is a workbook with textbooks and numerous font changes. And yet, working with a competent professional, Book #2 should be published within a few weeks!  

Boom! With a good person - and with good people - good work can be done.

When you know good people to work with, work is easier.

Life is better!

I've been fortunate in three decades of professional life to collaborate with and connect with many great people, to work under good bosses and a few superior leaders.  I've learned from everyone of them.  

What a delight to be meeting, networking with, building friendships with, and developing professional relationships of depth with so many people in diverse settings in the past few years especially!

I am privileged to know good people!

I'm a better human for knowing them.

Thursday, June 08, 2023

Oregon Health Authority - Licensed Psilocybin Facilitator

 Of 335 million Americans.

Only 19 are Legally Licensed to facilitate Psilocybin for health and wellness.

I am one of those 19.

Licensed under the Oregon Health Authority,I hope to begin work with a major pharmaceutical corporation's full psychiatric and psychological clinical research project, for which I have made application, in the next weeks.