Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ken Sande and Peacemaking

I've had opportunity this past week - and in forthcoming weeks - to become acquainted with the work of Ken Sande. I am impressed with the "ease of access" and Biblical models he develops in the books I have quickly reviewed - including The Peacemaker and Peace-making for Families.

I explained to my wife that Ken's work is like a practical, family version of what Walter Wink (and others) would call Jesus' Third Way - neither fight nor flight, but engaging in a new and challenging way toward better outcomes. Ken calls it neither "escape" nor "attack" - but "peacemaking."

Always good - even great - to engage peacemaking practices in discernible ways for families and "real-life" applications "at home and work" - in addition to the larger peacemaking efforts in national and international arenas. In fact, perhaps more peacemaking at home will lead to a more peaceful international diplomacy!

My connection to the work comes out of this opportunity, listed below. As I understand it we are a kind of "pilot group" for new curriculum Peacemaker Ministries has adapted from their church audiences towards business settings, yet to be fully distributed in this new format.

The Zig Ziglar Center for Ethical Leadership is hosting the Oklahoma Business Ethics Consortium as they present “Peacemaking for Business.” Sessions will be held in the Royce Brown building on the SNU campus from 5:30pm-7:30pm on October 12, 19, 26, and November 2 facilitated by Mr. Bill Blew.

Blew is a former Oklahoma District Court Judge and a graduate of Rhodes College and Vanderbilt School of Law with extensive experience in conflict resolution. He is also founder and executive director of The Olive Branch; a non-profit ministry that helps people find peace in relationships by teaching them how to deal with conflict from a biblical perspective.

“Peacemaking for Business” focuses on resolving the central issues of conflict while helping individuals preserve and restore lasting, healthy relationships. The course is recommended for anyone desiring to develop personal skills in the area of conflict resolution and relationship restoration, particularly business leaders, owners and human resources professionals.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Swimming in Scholarship in September

I have been absolutely swamped in September.

I intend to catch up on several venues of reading, but will not be able to catch up entirely, I am sure.

A few highlights. I have contracted to write a commentary for my denominational publication on the book of Numbers - Beacon Hill Press. Additionally, I will be teaching a course for the denominational seminary (Nazarene Theological Seminary)on Leviticus and Numbers. As a result, I have been swimming in resources that I am adding to my library as I discern how to begin my writing - but more urgently - as I frame the syllabus that I need to have prepared for the course! Swimming in Leviticus and Numbers makes for some intriguing swimming! =)

I did, delightfully, catch up on a summer's worth of National Geographic Magazines! For the past several years a subscription to NGM has been part of my birthday from my in-laws! What a delight to get a magazine in the mail each month, that I read cover to cover - that reminds me of the grace and generosity of my family to me. NGM allows me to explore the world, open my cultural lens and "see" so many things from a new perspective. What a delight.

Also in September, I have made application to several other professional meetings or publications. I've got an invitation to write a piece on the Old Testament and Suicide for an edited volume out of London. I have had a piece accepted for the International Theology Conference for the Church of the Nazarene in 2012. I have had a piece accepted by the Wesleyan Theological Society meeting. I have been invited to join the Christian Scholars Group. And, I have applications in for two other fellowships, and one other writing assignment. In truth, I would not at all be disappointed if I don't get the fellowships or other writing appointment. I'm paddling all my professional muscle write now (the pun is intended) and it's going great - super - fantastic . . . but phew! I have got work to do!

All is well.

May not be posting much - and my reading will be framed in light of what and how I am writing. Life is great.

Life is truly great.