Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Swimming in Scholarship in September

I have been absolutely swamped in September.

I intend to catch up on several venues of reading, but will not be able to catch up entirely, I am sure.

A few highlights. I have contracted to write a commentary for my denominational publication on the book of Numbers - Beacon Hill Press. Additionally, I will be teaching a course for the denominational seminary (Nazarene Theological Seminary)on Leviticus and Numbers. As a result, I have been swimming in resources that I am adding to my library as I discern how to begin my writing - but more urgently - as I frame the syllabus that I need to have prepared for the course! Swimming in Leviticus and Numbers makes for some intriguing swimming! =)

I did, delightfully, catch up on a summer's worth of National Geographic Magazines! For the past several years a subscription to NGM has been part of my birthday from my in-laws! What a delight to get a magazine in the mail each month, that I read cover to cover - that reminds me of the grace and generosity of my family to me. NGM allows me to explore the world, open my cultural lens and "see" so many things from a new perspective. What a delight.

Also in September, I have made application to several other professional meetings or publications. I've got an invitation to write a piece on the Old Testament and Suicide for an edited volume out of London. I have had a piece accepted for the International Theology Conference for the Church of the Nazarene in 2012. I have had a piece accepted by the Wesleyan Theological Society meeting. I have been invited to join the Christian Scholars Group. And, I have applications in for two other fellowships, and one other writing assignment. In truth, I would not at all be disappointed if I don't get the fellowships or other writing appointment. I'm paddling all my professional muscle write now (the pun is intended) and it's going great - super - fantastic . . . but phew! I have got work to do!

All is well.

May not be posting much - and my reading will be framed in light of what and how I am writing. Life is great.

Life is truly great.

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