Thursday, July 18, 2013

How to Take Root to be like an Oak

I learned some lessons today on how an Acorn becomes an Oak.

I pulled a couple of small trees from my flower bed. One is pictured here.  You can see the acorn, budding leaves from the developing trunk and the root.

Three quick lessons.

  1.     An acorn becomes an oak when it first cracks itself open to predictable and intentional decay - in order that new life might spring forth.
  2.     An acorn sends down a single strong root - straight down.  No time for side-roots.  A single, strong core furrows deep down.
  3.     An acorn is programmed to build trunk and leaves which are about half the height of the root.  Before building big - go deep.  And, never get more top heavy than what you can support from underneath, where you are grounded.