Tuesday, August 23, 2011

2 Days to Graduation


I've submitted my final papers, completed my final interviews, and been to my last few events - just 2 days of engagement and one presentation at the public seminar . . . then Graduation.

This summer I started my relationship with Rotary International, which I intend to maintain for a lifetime, as a Rotary Peace Fellow. 

If there is a person who has interest in what we did – or the coursework we covered – from a personal-experiential review, I would be delighted to share with anyone – including any persons interested in making application to this program in the future.  (Additionally, I am certain several of my colleagues from this summer would be willing to share their experiences, as well – and I would be delighted to connect any potential future-fellow – with my wonderful colleagues from this summer.)

At the conclusion this program through the Rotary Rotary Peace Center @ Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand, in conjunction with University Curriculum, I will have earned the Certificate in Peace and Conflict Transformation.

We had more than 2 weeks of engagement in Northern Thailand and in Cambodia (each yar, though, different Peace Fellows may engage different areas in Southeast Asia).  I have listed how and where we were engaged these areas separately.

I have a breakdown of our world-class instructors/trainers for our coursework – but here I am just listing the Titles of the seminars from what we did on campus at Chulalongkorn University, in four separate modules.  We had assignments and requirements due with each Module.  (The modules presented here are in chronological order – but the seminars are presented randomly.)  Our Seminar days were 7 to 8 hours of engagement per day.

It was a very, very, very full summer.  Because I am an educator, used to my summers “free” – I can state categorically, I had less free time this summer, than any other summer of my life!  Full of learning and discernment.


MODULE 1: The Concepts and Values of Peace and Conflict Studies

MODULE 2: The Diagnosis and Analysis of Conflict

MODULE 3: Conflict Resolution Skills, Approaches and Strategies

MODULE 4: Conflict Transformation and Building a Sustainable Peace


One Day Seminar:  “The context of conflict analysis, human security, humanitarian law” 

One Day Seminar:  “Overview of Conflict Analysis” 

One Day Seminar:  “Conflict Analysis: Dynamics and Scenarios” 

One Day Seminar:  “Exercise Work in Real Case Studies: Conflict Mapping” 

One Day Seminar:  “Conflict Analysis Practicum” 

One Day Seminar:  “Trends in Armed Conflict and Peace-building”

One Day Seminar:  “Cross Cultural Conflict Resolution” 

One Day Seminar:  “Harnessing the Power of Religion for Peace-building, or Not”

One Day Seminar:  “Challenges of Putting Conflict Transformation into Practice” 

One Day Seminar:  “The Moral Component of Peace”

One Day Seminar:  “Problem Solving & Different Approaches for Intervention” 

One Day Seminar:  “Appreciative Inquiry & Facilitation in Conflict Situations”

One Day Seminar:  “Disarmament, Demobilization & Reintegration” 

One Day Seminar:  “Security Sector Reform and R2P  (Responsibility to Protect)”

One Day Seminar:  “Terror Management Theory” 

One Day Seminar:  “The case of Southern Thailand” 

One Day Seminar:  “De-radicalization and Disengagement” 

One Day Seminar:  “International & Humanitarian Law”

One Day Seminar:  “Theories of Nonviolence” 

One Day Seminar:  “Peacebuilding and Peacemaking: Lessons Learned”  

One Day Seminar:  “Political Conflict in Thailand:  Past and Present”

One Day Seminar:  “Human Religiousness: Foundations for Dialogue &  Role in Peacebuilding”

One Day Seminar:  “Inter & Intra Religious Dialogue” 

One Day Seminar:  “’Do No Harm’ in Conflict Response” 

One Day Seminar:  “Gender in Conflict Situations” 

One Day Seminar:  “History & Culture:  From Ayyathura to Siam to Thailand”  

One Day Seminar:  “History &  Culture:  Colonization & Communism in Myanmar & Cambodia

One Day Seminar:  “State of the Art in Conflict Resolution” 

One Day Seminar:  “Defining Conflict Resolution: Classic Modules and Concepts”

One Day Seminar:  “Nature and Types of Conflict – Identifying Root Causes” 

One Day Seminar:  “Truth Commissions and Social Justice – Transitional Justice”

One Day Seminar:  “Capacity Building in Peace building and Conflict Resolution” 

One Day Seminar:  “Evaluation of Peace Programs” 

One Day Seminar:  “Peace Education” 

**Two Day Seminar:  “Tools & Techniques for Third Party Intervention”

**Two  Day Seminar:  “Conflict Trauma” 

**Two Day Seminar:  “Post-Conflict Reconstruction” 

**Two Day Seminar:  “Media in Conflict Situations”

** Two Day Seminar:  “Storytelling for Conflict Resolution & Peace-building” 

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