Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ghandi on Christmas


At the Bruderhof publishing site, The Plough  - they have a great review of thoughts from Ghandi on Christmas.

I'll post the start of their words - and his words  - here, with the hope that you will consider reading for yourself. 

Because Gandhi came to the message of Jesus unfettered by the traditions and doctrines that are commonly understood as “Christianity” his heart was free to respond deeply to the good news that Jesus’ advent brought to humankind. Gandhi understood Jesus’ gospel of the kingdom with greater clarity than most of us who call ourselves Christian. We’ll let Gandhi speak for himself:

Ghandi writes:  I have never been able to reconcile myself to the gaieties of the Christmas season. They have appeared to me to be so inconsistent with the life and teaching of Jesus . . . . 
Ghandi writes:  How I wish America could lead the way by devoting the season to a real moral stocktaking and emphasizing consecration to the service of mankind for which Jesus lived and died on the Cross.


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