Monday, March 11, 2013

March 13, 2013 - 2 Years since the Tsunami

There is little remarkable about this specific otherwise mundane picture of women, standing at the shore.

Except that these women stand here as they, in their own way, grieve and remember the losses that emerged two years ago when the tsunami collapsed over Japanese shores - wreaking havoc, causing mayhem, leaving death & destruction in its wake.  (Other pics from NBC news here.)

I post the picture for many reasons, not least is to remember our own finitude.  In many places around the globe, we are reminded of the power of "the elements" and our inability to control Creation.

It should serve as a humbling reminder for us.

More specifically, it causes me to reflect on numerous "water stories" in the Biblical text.  I was in Phoenix, Arizona just days ago - reflecting there on the wonder of the fact that we have pumped so much water into the dessert that we can make it arable. 

We should be reminded though, that our sense of control of water - and the need for water for life to flourish - is not unchallenged.  We shape much of our destiny, but we are not in control of all forces.

The tranquil waters that stand out on the horizon in front of these women - we need their tranquility for our survival - and we should recall their power, as well - and the Principalities & Powers that elude our strength alone.

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