Sunday, June 02, 2013

Mentoring in Biblical Studies

I get the privilege to research and study at Oxford University again this summer, with three students I have intentionally mentored.

While I've had each of these three students in numerous classes, I enjoyed weekly engagement with them every week of this past year in Biblical Hebrew.  Should be fun for us!

Students & Faculty Awarded Scholarship to Oxford University

Posted on Mon, May 27, 2013

BETHANY, OK (May 27, 2013) - Three students from Southern Nazarene University’s School of Theology and Ministry have been chosen from an international pool of applicants to be Student Scholars at Oxford University in England. Scholarships for travel, study, lodging and stipend exceeds $30,000.00 as graduate students, Herschel Hepler & Dale Weaver, along with undergraduate student, Lynn Vogel, participate in the multi-week Scholars Session during the summer, 2013. This unique opportunity is only available to qualified students at Universities around the world where select faculty have an established working relationship with the Green Scholars Initiative. These students engage a unique mentored relationship with Professor Marty Alan Michelson at SNU’s Bethany Campus. Dr. Michelson, a 14 year veteran in SNU’s School of Theology and former Visiting Scholar at Oxford (2010), will accompany the students in their travel, research and study at Oxford with his fees and stipend awarded for the mentorship he provides.

More from the Southern Nazarene University Website here.

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