Sunday, August 18, 2013

Great former students - even in Hollywood!

This past week one of many bright, intelligent, thoughtful former students sent me his Film Script.

Of course, there are many films in Hollywood that never get produced.  This particular former student, though, has lived and worked in Hollywood for a number of years.  He's talented in acting and directing and has performed in the Guild.  And, now I know more of his writing talent!

Of course, I'm NO movie critique to guage how his Script will move forward and I can make no predictions on that.  And yet, I can say (1) I found his script compelling as it explored issues that resonate with the dynamics of the prophet Hosea - while most people would never notice the connections since he has so remarkably reframed the story.  And, (2) I was reminded of how uniquely textured my life is, with people in my life from "all walks of life" and in various places in their life's journey.

This comes in a week when I was reminded of my own shortcomings, so it is particularly nice to know that where I may never achieve meritorious work in the Academy, at least I get to be a friend and mentor, a "coach" and pastor, a professor and counselor, an encourager and "cheerleader" to brighter and more gifted persons than myself.

I am blessed.

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