Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Wrong Perception, Miscommunication, & Displaced Anger (Loss/Fear)

Thich Nhat Hanh has been influential for decades.
Many years ago I came across a portion of his teaching through OnBeing, and have recently read several books authored by "Brother Thay."  

In the great interview I cited here, Brother Thay talks about how all problems in life boil down to our wrong perception, mis(sed)[ing] communication and displaced anger (usually as the result of some fear or loss.)  

I've shared this with my own children - and with others.

If you find yourself in conflict, trouble, dislocation or difficulty now - perhaps you should ask yourself these simple questions:

1) In what way might I know have a wrong perception about this person/situation/issue?
2) In what way might my communication - both in sharing and in listening - be shaped by something that is missed or missing in miscommunication that needs to be made right?
3)  In what way might this conflict be about some loss, grief, or fear that is about some issue of anger that is not specific to this situation, that I am inadvertently bringing to this situation?  What am I *really* angry about?

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