Saturday, August 23, 2014

My Parent's Love for Me

As we have moved, we are committed to going through every box and every item we own, in order to insure we need to keep only necessary items as we try to live as minimally as possible.

Today I went through several hundred cards and notes, most sent to me by my mom from my College years.

Several months ago, when I had received a birthday card and father's day card from my mom within a close proximity of days, both in June, I threw both cards away.  A person staying in our home said to me casually something close to:
"I wonder what it's like to have so many cards of affirmation, that you simply throw them away . . . ."
I have reflected often on that comment from months ago, and profoundly today, as I went through a box with items over two decades old.

My parents deeply loved - and love - me and my siblings.

I literally can not fathom who I would be - with self-confidence, self-understanding, relationally - as a human! - separate from their love.

I hope I express as much love, as frequently, to all those that I love.

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