Thursday, September 04, 2014

A vibrant life of deep meaning.

I want to live a vibrant life of deep meaning.

Yesterday I was assisting an International Scholar project meeting involving people from Europe, Africa, and the U.S.  

The person leading the team of scholars is the octogenarian (84 year old), Rev. Dr. Thomas C. Oden.

As Scholars shared various iterations of the shared project - revealing nuances to scholarship in unexamined ideas or in multi-disciplinary work, Dr. Oden became animated in his own desire to know more from each scholar.  

At one point, Dr. Oden said, "What I need to do is curb my desire to do everything."   By which he meant to say, he wants to read and study every unique idea we were exploring!

I hope I'm as energetic in my 50's as he is in his 80's!  And I'm not even half way through my 40's now.

I've got a great future ahead of me and I hope to invest in it deeply, with young people - as well as with established scholars!

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