Saturday, January 03, 2015

Reflecting on Health & Wellness for Enjoyment

I love the outdoors and I love water.

I do not often get out when I'm in Oklahoma for many reasons.  (1) I work a lot of hours and (2) Weather in the summer is so hot to be unbearable (3) the kinds of outdoor things I enjoy are hard to do in Oklahoma, (i.e., I can swim in local lakes, but it requires tromping through red clay into red-clay stained waters.  And, there is no ocean for many of the ocean sports I enjoy.)

I decided though I needed to be in better shape so that when I do get to the ocean (3x in the past 13 months!) - I can enjoy that time.

16 months ago I went to my local YMCA.  I swam 17 laps in 40 minutes.  A lap in a minute, resting a minute.  A lap in a minute, resting a minute.

Last night I swam a steady 64 laps in 30 minutes.

The routine of swimming, which is healthy for me - gives me the pleasure and enjoyment to swim elsewhere and not be "sucking for air" so I can enjoy it.

Pics of me on the beach before I swam across La Jolla Cove near San Diego - and - boogie boarding at Windansea Beach.  

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