Thursday, November 19, 2015

Legal Maxims

I work to be a peacemaker.

As a person who lives in the world and who owns property with business income and business partners and leasing relationships, I have been forced into Court mitigated situations that I did not want to engage.

Here are the maxims of my experience about Court/Attorney Litigation.

One or all of these seem to apply to every court situation:

(1) It will take longer than you think. 
(2) It will cost more money than you think. 
(3) The judgment/decision/agreement will be curious in some way you could not have predicted even had you tried to think through all potential outcomes.

I've shared this advice with others - and archive here at the request of a friend.

This means most Court related litigation is expensive, extended and unpredictable.

If you are facing the possibility of court related arbitration or litigation, you should plan for each and all of these realities.

If  your situation involves genuinely irrational persons or persons unable to own responsibility for their issues, expect all three maxims to apply in more problematic ways. 

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