Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Students earn C's and B's in my class.

I do not "give" grades.

I assign grades based on the quality of work that is submitted.

And, not only do I have high standards for good work - when I teach for another University (online, as I do for our denominational Nazarene Bible College NBC) assignments are preset with preset rubrics - and I honor these.

In the most recent Biblical Interpretation course I taught for NBC - as with any course- some learners got C's and B's and a few earned A's.

I'm most delighted - and a bit surprised - that I got another (nearly) all 5's in review of me as instructor for this course.

Honestly, my experience is that you really can NOT please all the people all the time!

And, even when I try to share evaluations in a kind and generous way - no student likes seeing their work "marked down" . . . so I'm accustomed to some students "marking me down" for how I offer instruction or feedback.

That's fine. I get it.

And, in this class - they have a lot of work to accomplish.  They turn in a full exegetical paper.  So, many "do not like the class" or "do not like me" as they have had to "work too hard."

I'm not perfect! For sure! I am not perfect!

Still . . . I like being able to archive and save a nearly perfect set of course reviews from students who did not all earn A's and yet who recognized the value of my instruction/work with and for them.

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