Sunday, August 26, 2018

101 Tips for Your Productivity!

Different persons find that they need to organize their lives differently.

We can all benefit from "tips and tricks" to be more efficient and intentional with our time!  This is true for scheduling assignments in courses - and is true for all kinds of professional (and pastoral !) work.

In my experience, pastors are some of the most inefficient persons I have worked with.  (Mind you, I realize some pastoral work, by it's very nature, is "not efficient"  - as a pastor does not want to rush a hospital call and a pastor should not hurry a grief counseling sessions!!)

This 101 Time Management is excellent.  I have used several of these in different times of my life.  I DO use a few of these (everyday!!).  And a few were new to me.

You *can't* use every one of these! Though, you could find one or two to try - and then another one or two to try - until you can find better ways to structure your days and your weeks for your success in coursework, pastoral work, and any professional pursuits you seek to accomplish.

  • "Scheduling around your time" ( #5 on this list) is something I learned personally more than 15 years ago and when I realized I should do work when *I* am at my best, and not when societal norms and conventions tell me I should be "busy," I was able to finish my dissertation and then write my first book.
  • The "Pomodoro Technique" ( #26 on this list)  is one I use and have shared for years  with students who are engaging research on library projects! 

I could list other examples from this list that have decisively and directly impacted my productivity by giving me a tool and "method" to achieve greater success.  

I am 100% confident a few of these practices 
will help you to be more productive. 

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