Sunday, April 07, 2019

Oxford - 8 years in a row

Theology & Ministry Students off to Oxford

Casey Miller & Dray Murray, juniors in The School of Theology and Ministry, will be on scholarship with stipend at Oxford University in May and June of 2019.
In an eighth consecutive year, students with an emphasis in Bible, have been awarded scholarship to Oxford. 
Both Murray and Miller are from Farmington, New Mexico and both have been students in Dr. Marty Alan Michelson’s Biblical Hebrew course, learning to read the Bible in the original language.   In addition to their work learning the basics of grammar and vocabulary in order to be able to translate and discern the complexity of the Bible, Murray & Miller have worked with Michelson on ancient original texts more than 1000 years old, translating and discerning ancient commentaries on Biblical passages.

President Keith Newman congratulated Miller and Murray: “I love it when I hear our students are chosen for exciting, life-changing academic experiences like the Logos@Oxford University program.  It’s especially impressive that two of our Juniors have been selected for this coveted opportunity and we’re so proud of Casey and Dray.  I know they, and Dr. Michelson, will represent us well!”
Murray, Miller and Michelson have access to the ancient texts via SNU’s collaborative connection with the Museum of the Bible and the Green Collection, the world’s largest privately held collection of Biblical artifacts and antiquities in the world.  While the Museum of the Bible is in Washington D.C. for open exhibition, Murray, Miller and other students working with Dr. Michelson have access to the collection with special digitized access and local access as the collection is primarily housed in Oklahoma City.
As two of approximately 40 university students chosen for Logos at Oxford from applicants in an international pool of candidates, Miller and Murray the School of Theology and Ministry Department Chair, Jim Fitzgerald said:“We are delighted to hear the news that Casey Miller and Dray Murray have both been selected for the Oxford summer  program in conjunction with the Scholars Initiative of the Museum of the Bible.  We are proud of their academic achievements, and honored that they have been recognized through this selection process.  Kudos to them and to Dr. Marty Michelson for the climate of scholarship that he fosters in SNU’s School of Theology and Ministry.  We are grateful for the vision of the Green family and the Museum of the Bible that seeks to prepare the next generation of biblical scholars, and for their generous support to make such opportunities possible.  
Miller and Murray will receive cash stipends in addition to their full-scholarship for travel, meals, lodging and enrolled curricular programs at the University of Oxford.

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