Friday, April 09, 2010

So proud of a student I've mentored!

A wonderful student I've had the opportunity to teach followed through with a fellowship opportunity I informed her about - and got it! I am so proud.

I so wish I would have had mentors in my life earlier and more specifically who would have pointed me in directions like this! Of course I have wonderful opportunities now that I seek out - and I want to be a model for students to know they can research and network in their lives toward academic, professional and evangelical acclaim!

Here's what I wrote for our campus news:

SNU Alumnus Jean-Marie Hill selected for exclusive training in Washington D.C. to end Hunger

Rev. Jim McDonald, Managing Director for Bread for the World announced that Jean-Marie Hill has been selected from a pool of over 450 applicants to be one of only 75 chosen to become a Bread for the World Hunger Justic Leader. Rev. McDonald expressed to Jean Marie, “We are moved by your passion, faith, and commitment and are eager to have you more deeply involved in our work to urge our nation’s decision makers to end hunger at home and abroad.”

Jean Marie will receive a 100% scholarship to travel to Washington D.C. and participate in advocacy training while there. Bread for the World’s Hunger Justice leaders program brings together the best and brightest 20 to 30 year old advocates from around the country.

Jean Marie will partner with Bread for the World, a collective Christian voice urging our nation’s decision makers to end hunger at home and abroad. By changing policies, programs and conditions that allow hunger and poverty to persist, Bread for the World provides help and opportunity for communities.

Jean-Marie will engage in several activities during her June, 2010 travel to Washington D.C. including:

· Gaining skills in advocacy, team-building, and community organizing.

· Connecting with like-minded young leaders from across the United States.

· Exploring the Biblical foundations of faith and justice.

· Speaking out on Capitol Hill by visiting members of Congress.

· Shared worship and prayer, and, a commitment to return to her local community to lead advocacy efforts to end hunger with Bread for the World.

Dr. Marty Alan Michelson from SNU School of Theology and Ministry notes about Jean-Marie that Jean-Marie is “one of the brightest and most engaged students I have had the opportunity to teach. She is already advancing the Good News of God’s Kingdom and I have no doubt this opportunity will better equip her to expand her effectiveness as a minister in God’s efforts in our world!”

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Thanks for sending her our way!