Monday, May 09, 2011

My library and the Library of Congress

A colleague shared with me the website and program Library Thing - a couple of years ago.

Slowly but surely I began to catalogue my library into their system - which is "my" library hosted on their site.  (In hindsight - I wish I would have paid for the scanner - but that would have required me to keep dust-jackets in many cases - which I rarely keep.) 

About two months ago  - the same colleague hired a University student to help him label and organize his physical library - and - once those two worked out all the glitches on printing labels, and so forth  - I hired the same student to help me.

Several weeks ago - that student and I - and my children (who I used as conscripted forced labourers) - labeled and reorganized my entire library. 

The average person walking into my office this week - would probably not notice anything different from several weeks ago - basically the same stuff on the shelves - just shuffled.   But, I *know* the difference - and know that I can more quickly access, use, and loan my library out now.  And that makes me *feel* so much better about my work space!  And, a clean and clear work-space is a productive space! 

(As an additional bonus - the reorganization helped me "toss" or donate many items that had someone managed to "land" on shelves - and additional advantage!)

This is yet another reason I haven't been reading much - but I have not been idle either!

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