Saturday, July 09, 2011

Gardening and The Christian Calendar


If you like to Garden (or would like to begin to garden) - and if you have any interest in reflecting on the Christian Year (Liturgy, Easter, Lent) - then you will find much to ponder in this excellent podcast from "On Being."  (Made me miss my garden this year - and look forward to my next gardens in the future!)

Entitled:  Restoring the Senses:  Gardening and Orthodox Easter

Some excerpts include:

Mr. Guroian: And think about throughout the Old Testament, from Genesis through the prophets, the creation itself is, is really depicted as a great temple in which worship is to be done. God sets the foundations. God stretches the heavens as a canopy. And we're here to make the song of creation, the liturgy of creation, and new creation manifest, visible, audible in the world.


Mr. Guroian: Human beings are not simply oriented by one sense or two senses. They're, they're oriented by several senses. And so in order for the human being to be wholly engaged, all of those senses ought to be at work. One of the jobs of a Christian is to, in point of fact, hone the senses, reform the senses, make them holy. And that process can take place within a church, certainly, where everything is focused on God.

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