Saturday, July 30, 2011

Travel to Jordan, Palestine, Israel and Egypt - January 2013

I am making plans to host a Holy Land Study Trip looking toward a 10-14 day travel experience  – on or about January 1 to January 20  in 2013.  (18 months away). 

This will be my 5th trip to Israel/Jordan/Palestine  and I have spent nearly 70 days traveling in and around the region.   

Each and all of the participants I have taken, always come home radically transformed to think about multiple issues from the Bible from hundreds of Biblical passages – with intentional awareness and learning about issues also including the current (and historical) politics of the land, current culture, and peacemaking issues.

 If have interest in traveling with me to the Holy Land - *mark* your calendars now!  

 From this link you can watch numerous video clips that demonstrate what my trips are like:


 Here is a link to a FAQ page which needs to be edited – but which is generally correct (minus dates/dollars).


 I expect my trip in January 2013 will *include* either (probably) Egypt or Petra – a $500 trip supplement to what I normally include (and this will be elective).  Including either Egypt or Petra – and total costs and fees for *all* issues – the trip should (by my educated guess) be slightly more than $4000.00 per person – domestic and international airlines, double-accommodation quality hotels, buses, tips, entrance fees, breakfast and dinner.   (Keep in mind, the international travel consumes as much as 35%-45% of the total trip cost! – You simply cannot get there for less than $1500 – and closer to $2000.00 is becoming the norm – another reason to travel now – it won’t get cheaper in the future.)

 Mark your calendars - formal details will be announced in 2012 for this 2013 travel opportunity.

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