Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Grateful - truly grateful

I'm in an airport (Newark, NJ) - waiting to fly to Manchester (U.K.) where I'll team up with some Nazarene people from there - as we fly to Jerusalem for a week.


We'll spend our days in meetings, seeking collaboration among various persons in several connected ways toward hopes of establishing an educational connection/site for Nazarene pastors - or young people, or anyone Nazarene! The ideas are just now being discussed - so we can not determine "if" it will work or "when" it will work or "what" it will become - but hopes include options for study abroad for university learners - in Bible training, in peace-making efforts (and study), and in inter-religous dialogue.

As I travel, I am reminded of how wonderfully supported I am in life - primarily from a wonderful woman who loves me and cares for me - and cares for our kids for me when I'm gone. I'm reminded of great friendships I share with people around the globe. And I'm reminded of great collaboration I get to engage - with so many people - in contexts of University work - and Ministry Work - and Peacemaking.


My life has not been perfect (and I have not been perfect!) - but the framework of my life in these period of years - largely framed by the love a wonderful woman and a generous family - in the context of supportive colleagues and University - marks the unique blessing of my life in this time. In the next few hours I'll be in Manchester - where I earned my Ph.D. - and in Israel - from where discernment of God's intention for the world emerges. Fantastic!

My mind is full of the grace and generosity extended to me now.

Blessed. Indeed. Blessed.

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