Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How to tell a story . . . .

Stories reveal a depth about who we are and what experiences we have had.


Stories evoke reality and truth from us and elicit emotion, surprise, and pathos from those who hear our stories.

I long to become a better story-teller.

The attached PDF document creates "Story Prompts" that any person or group or family can use - personally or collectively - at home, at school, in a community setting.

I received a document nearly like this - as part of the Leadership Education Professional Certificate program completed through Duke University's Faith and Leadership Program. The document I received looked like it had been FAXed and photo-copied many times - and it had no copyright or Author note. I edited and revised some of what I received there and reshaped the original too in a few new ways. I do not claim to have created this - but I freely share it after having edited it for better use.

Story Prompts collected by Marty Alan Michelson.pdf Download this file

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