Friday, March 02, 2012

My Jansport Backpack is coming home!


This is going to sound so silly! 

I sent in my Jansport bag for lifetime warranty. 

They can't fix it - so wanted to advise me to pick new one from website, etcetera.  (Great Jansport Customer service, btw - and Jansport honors their lifetime warranty! - I've sent my bag in 2x before.) 

I actually had moment of emotional loss as I thought they had disposed of my bag!  (I've carried it since high school - nearly every day for the past 8000 days, to every University, on most of my trips, all over the world!!) 

I asked them to do their best at repairing it "as is" and told the Jansport service representative that the bag was "too sentimental" to me to have them not send it back!

The agent assured me, "That's all you need to say, Sir - we'll insure you get your bag back as best we can fix it." 

I am genuinely emotional about it. 

It's a curious thing what "stuff" is important to us and why! 

Thanks Jansport!

(Pictured here with my Jansport Backpack - while teaching in Jerusalem - at the Lithostrotos / Gabbatha)

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