Monday, March 26, 2012

Reading Jonah in Hebrew - by Duane Christensen

Reading Jonah in Hebrew - by Duane Christensen.pdf Download this file

A great resource! 

This book is designed as a stand-alone course - to teach Hebrew inductively by reading it - separate from constructing one's understanding grammatically and then reading.  Nice!

If you've ever had an interest in "taking the dive" into Hebrew - this book gives the material necessary to do just that - dive in!  [In fairness, I should note - that the book does assume some Alphabet (Consonant and Vowel) awareness in Hebrew, at the least!  And, I think this would be a hard way to learn Hebrew given the ways I have learned to read the language myself.  But, it is a fact that children do learn inductively!!]

The word-by-word descriptions for Jonah - among listings of all the verbs used, and other notes - are great resources for a 2nd Semester student in Hebrew to review - and learn the complexities, curiosities and enjoyment of reading Hebrew!

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