Wednesday, August 29, 2012

How to Speed Read, Read a Book, and Annotate!


Recently I corresponded with a friend who asked me if "speed-reading" is a "hoax."  I shared with him that I believe speed reading is something that can be practiced and developed.  I shared this book with him, including this one star (yes, one star!) review of the same book that does summarize the content.  (And yes, you could just do what the reviewer says and not buy this book.)

I shared with this same friend, this great book on How to Read a Book.  Every person who reads, really must read this book.  (Buy it!)

Just yesterday, a brilliant scholar - & one of the nicest persons I've ever met,  James K.A. Smith, - posted a great blog entry about how to annotate a book - showing his methods & practices.  Check out his link for great insight on how to read like a genius (a.k.a. like him!

 (If you click to Jamie's  "research page" and then his Curriculum Vitae from his page above - his publishing/presentations accomplishments in his young 40s out-distance most  accomplished octogenarian Scholars!  That alone should cause serious students to consider gleaning insight from his annotation method!  Jamie is such a nice guy,  he's kind enough to be a friend to me, in addition to  being, very likely, the single smartest person I've ever known!)

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