Friday, August 03, 2012

The Religion of the Olympics - Salvation by Sport


The extended post by Peter J. Leithart is a bit dense, if you never read theological arguments or posts.    Salvation by Sport

His final few lines are at the core of deep questions that need to be asked in our Sports Fan-atic world.

He concludes:

Our calendars are marked by athletic holy days (Super Bowl Sunday), seasons (March Madness), and bi-annual cycles (Olympics). We identify ourselves by our tribal clothing, our totem mascot, our war paint, and our chants around the field of play. The passions of an age with neither patriotism nor piety can still be roused by a close game.

Working out Christianity’s relation to sports raises tricky ethical and pastoral questions. But we can’t hope to untangle those issues without starting from the baseline recognition that Olympism was created to be, and remains, one of the church’s most formidable rivals.

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