Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Getting Things Done - Next Action (Naction)

Thanks to a wise colleague and friend, I've been  "Getting Things Done" for a few years.  (Get Things Done - GTD)

If you're not familiar with the system, and you want to accomplish work and get things done - I highly recommend it.  Here's a start on multiple links discerning how this works.

Personally - I do not follow the detailed "system" as it is specifically outlined!  I have taken the core ideas and made them my own in unique ways.

One thing I do  (daily!) is "define the next action" that needs to be taken in a project!  This single step has helped me accomplish much in the past few years!
At this link you will find an outline of what it means to "define the next action" and it will get you out of miry-nothingness into progress.  (I use these ideas routinely when I coach learners in their Graduate Work and in Dissertation work.  I'm delighted to share that with these simple steps - a great friend is making decisive progress right now toward her Psy.D., writing her dissertation! )

Here's another single great link on how to define the next action.

Even in personal and family goals, hopes and future planning  (from medical appointments to planning school work or calendaring a vacation!) we use the idea of "the next action."  In fact, I call it the "naction."   Defining the naction -  the-next-action - gets us moving in projects and life - as it also breaks down small tasks into manageable pieces.

If you're bogged down in a project - figure out the next action - and do just that as you move forward.  It will get you started.

If you're in a meeting and you don't leave with actionable items - next actions - you may not be able to move forward!

If you've got a list of things to do - and don't know when & where to start - give each item in the list a single actionable item to accomplish - and do just that single next action.  (Later, you can write in the next, next action - and do that - but get at least one action completed as you progress!)

What is the "next [single] action" you need to take now to be more productive in your life!?

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