Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Master Plan by Mike Ingram

The Master Plan: Three Keys To Building A Business And Life With PurposeWith appealing stories that consistently share Mike's praise for other people - taking note of what he has gleaned in partnerships, teamwork, & networking - Mike shares great insights for how to work for success in life.

Mike shares meaningful personal stories from his experience - including creative use of .22 calibers to sell rat bait - and negotiating a land deal that helped a city, a neighborhood, and a church!

Stories about Interstate 11 (not yet built), Kirby Vacuum sales in a 10'x10' space, and a sermon from the theologian, John Wesley, add to the insight shared in the book!  All along the way - Mike shares specific points of wisdom from his journey - intended to help the reader make better choices for their life!

The title of the book offers "Three Keys" - and these are included - alongside many other keys for living life!

The simple truths - and tangible stories - drew me into the book and kept me reading through the final pages where I learned about Mike's commitment to his first love! Great!

The Master Plan by Mike Ingram

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