Saturday, January 05, 2013

Great ways to consider you life's purpose!

It is a rare book that I purchase after reading from the library!  I do this, I’m sure, with less than 5% of the books I read . . . and I ordered this book after reading it.  

I read widely in the areas of psychology, self-help, personal growth & development, and leadership – and  note that there is “nothing new under the sun” with this book – Identity:  Your Passport to Success by Stedham Graham –with foreword and afterword from John C. Maxwell and Stephen R. Covey.   This book says the same things you can read in many other places.  

I bought the book because it combines & collects, in easy terms, with great end of the chapter “Questions to Consider” – a simple, reasonable, discernable blue-print that any person could use to explore & improve their life.  

I’ll have every member of my immediate family read this book in 2013!  I'll recommend it to young people!

The simple 9 step-process is no-more and no-less than this that I’ll cite below – but actually doing this, could, for anyone – transform their life!

1)   Check your ID - Find your identity and explore all that you truly are.
2) Create your vision -this lets you make realistic goals for your business or personal life.
3) Develop your Travel Plan - Create a Plan of Action that allows you to work toward your goals
4) Master the Rules of the Road - You need guidelines to keep you on your course, and traits such as honesty, trust, hard work, determination, and positive attitude can help you on your journey.
5) Step into the Outer Limits - Leap. To gain ground you have to take that single step into the forest outside of your own comfort zone. Growth means risk.
6) Pilot the Seasons of Change - If you keep doing what you've always done, you'll keep getting what you've always got.
7) Build your Dream Team - Construct relationships that are supportive with both mentors and peers who can help you to achieve your goals.
8) Win by a Decision - What you are and have been in your life depends on the decisions you have made. Take each decision under careful consideration realising that it will reverberate well into the future.
9) Commit to Your Vision - Put your focus on your goals. Energy, enthusiasm and follow-through are essential to attaining them.

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