Sunday, January 27, 2013

Roots & Chaff - Psalm 1 - Instruction among the Righteous

Psalm 1 contrasts the righteous, rooted like a tree planted by water -- set over against the wicked, who are like chaff.

This weekend, I shoveled my way into the earth to, yes, uproot some roots, from a bush (not even a tree) that I cut down several years ago.

Even though the ground was soft (after a rain) and the roots were dead from having been cut many years ago, it still took work with my shovel and my lever to get the first 1-2 feet of roots out of the ground.  I didn't dig any further.  It would have been too much work and I only needed to get the shallow stump out of the ground, to prevent someone from tripping.

After that job was complete, taking strenuous work for many minutes, in relatively mere seconds afterwards, I raked a few leaves into a pile and dumped them, leaving the broken-small-bits-of-leaf-debris for the wind to blow away.

I note this as I reflect on Psalm 1 which I'll teach tomorrow.

A well-planted, secure tree is truly hard to uproot.  It takes much work!  (I'm thankful the roots I removed, were long ago dead.)  The truth is - a well-planted tree like the one I have shared here (National Geographic Picture), a Redwood, really can not be uprooted, not by human hands, at the roots.  The roots stretch too far and go too deep.

Chaff - like the leaves, have no hold on anything, blown away with the breeze.

Believers are called to be rooted - firm - secure - diligent - studious - planted.  This security comes from engagement - walking, standing, sitting  - with Instruction & Torah, among other righteous

I want my life to be rooted. 

So I will plant myself in God's Instruction & seek mentorship in righteousness!

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