Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Climate & Culture of Growth in Life & Mentorship

When I garden, I don't "make" the seed grow - I give it the conditions to allow it to grow.

The seed has in it the encoded genetic ingenuity to produce fruit, quite apart from my "giving" it something in the seed itself.  I only manage conditions to optimize sun times, shade, water prevention (in floods) and water providence (in drought).

It seems to me this is true of human persons too.  I know it is true of faculty I work with, and the learners I engage.

Persons have their own encoded genetic ingenuity - skills, talents, and abilities.

The role of great institutions, great companies, great universities, and great mentors is to create the conditions within which, that which is already embedded in persons, can flourish.

Great institutions and great mentors that create the right culture - that shape the right climate - can unlock the fruit-bearing, productivity of employees & young people.

Great institutions and great mentors need to discern how to allow for the maximum exposure to elements that produce growth while inhibiting exposure to elements that flood or scorch the seeds of each persons unique,creative genius.

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