Saturday, February 09, 2013

The complexity & nuance of Biblical Hebrew

While viewing a great set of DVD lectures presented by Walter Brueggemann on how to read the Psalms, he said these words,

"if you're trying to learn Hebrew, as I'm always trying to do . . ."
Of course, he was being deferential and polite - as he is arguably the World's leading Christian scholar on reading and discerning Hebrew Scripture!  (Certainly he's in the top five most influential - with 58+ books to his credit, not including numerous other papers, lecturships and more!)

His words were refreshing for me.

I teach Hebrew to University learners - and I translate and use Hebrew in my coursework, preaching, teaching and life engagement.  While I love the playfulness of Hebrew, (first introduced to me by Robert Alter - and hugely important in shaping my life), I sometimes wonder if I'll ever be "good" at reading Hebrew.  It's nice to know that Dr. Brueggemann is still "trying" to "learn Hebrew!"

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