Sunday, October 20, 2013

Don't miss it - Justice and Mercy are not synonomous.

With a clever turn-of-phrase, a blogger I've never met named Megan posted a great entry on how Justice is not Mercy.

I cover this topic in many classes that I teach, since the issue pervades the Hebrew Bible!

I spent about two weeks, more or less, in the past few weeks - in various ways focusing in on this theme with my 8th & 7th Century prophets class.

I always refer people to David Hilfiker's work - and this article:  Justice and the Limits of Charity.

I'm happy that I'll now be able to redirect people to this great new entry - saying the same things, but in fresh ways.   Synon(amiss) - Why our approach to justice and mercy is missing the mark.

(Picture from the Synon(amiss) blog banner page.)

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