Saturday, October 19, 2013

Bible Dictionary for Bible Work - not "plain" dictionaries!

The last few weeks I've had to direct several learners to Bible Dictionaries.  (Many different Bible dictionaries exist, and are more-or-less the same thing in content, though with unique differences, of course!)

I've told people who are studying the Bible,
"When you're ever needing to understand definitions and terms for Bible issues, you should use a Bible Dictionary as preference in all cases compared to other dictionaries like  Miriam-Webster's or Oxford English language dictionaries."

As an example, note the huge comparative difference in this same single term - in the two kinds of dictionaries:

This link is from the Holman Bible Dictionary on "Oracle":

And it's much more informed and specific than this link from Merriam-Webster on the exact same "search" word "Oracle":

I hope this is helpful to all! 

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