Sunday, September 29, 2013

Pastors should go to Israel

I read Wayne Stiles' website frequently.

He has a current post about "Why You Should Send Your Pastor to Israel"

You should read his entire post - but his summary bullet points include the fact that the Pastor's tour will:   (1) give him what his seminary didn’t.  (2) increase her clarity in preaching.  And (3) deepen her or his walk with God as a spiritual leader.

I agree.

While it's nearly too late for anyone to sign up for "my" January 2014 trip let me encourage lay persons to read Stile's website link provided -  where he also outlines "How You Can Send Your Pastor to Israel"

I'm convinced people who experience Israel come back transformed for the best Christian reasons!

Find a way to send your pastor - or travel as a pastor - for Christian reasons, not just tourism - that will enliven your faith and the faith of your congregation or ministry!

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