Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I'm not a fearful apocalyptic person, but . . .

I'm not a fearful apocalyptic person who thinks "the sky is falling" or the imminent Second Coming is nigh upon us. 

While I do have serious concerns about how humans steward resources (environmental concerns) and I do think issues like solar, renewable energies must be diligently pursued over limited, finite resources (fossil fuels) - I don't think environmental collapse around the Globe is necessarily the future.  (Though, I think current scientific projections are more accurate than flawed.)

What really scares me is the "incompetence" and "lack of foresight" and "poor judgment" of "the masses"  - especially stirred by (in)adequate media - from legitmate news sources to random persons using one-or-another-form of social media!  People who "freak out" about so-called "Snowpocalpse" situations or the a winter stormed labeled a "Polar vortex" - these people cause me to worry. 

When an entire city like Atlanta is in something like apocalyptic chaos in traffic, over a mere few inches of snow, and I remember past events like Hurricane Katrina before people were too connected to media and internet "instant" hype . . . I do fear for how societies will "freak out" in future ideas with instant access to "frenzia" and "hysteria."

What concerns me, is unwise, irrational, scared people.

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