Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Immediate Access to Great "Business" Books

I've been focused on "Taking the Next Action" from the "Getting Things Done" (GTD) work-philosophy for the past several years.  I routinely think in terms of the "Naction" or "Next Action" I need to take.

One time last year I was searching "action items" and "action lists" and "actionable" ideas related to taking the next action and I found the website

At their site, they provide quality, focused "five-minute-length" reviews of great books related to leadership, communication, innovative thinking, team-building and self-management.  They call them:  "Business book summaries with personality.  Insights you can apply in five minutes."

The summaries I have read for books I had previously read in their entirety, were each excellent.  And, for books I have not read entirely, I've gleaned insight from the short review provided at the website.

I imagine the "next action" you should take is to click into the summaries yourself  and make it a "next action" practice of your life to glean from these summaries for your own leadership and development! 

I hope this is a great source of vibrant learning for your life!

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