Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My vertiginous life & wonderful wife!

When we were dating, I told my girlfriend (now wife) I was “vertiginous.” 

I am liable to cause (for myself or others) the feeling of “vertigo” from the whirling, rotating, spinning nature of all that goes on in my life.

We talked about this the other day as my wife reminded me, “I knew what I was getting when I married you.”  Followed with, “I just didn’t know what I was getting when I married you.”

I’m the luckiest of men to be so incredibly loved by this wonderful woman.

The past few months have been as vertiginous as ever.   

Our kids are in great & curious transitions; meaningful times of unique one-on-one mentorship with about 15 students where I teach; a full teaching load; developing an online course for the University, several short but significant writing projects (and required research to engage them);  leading travel in the Jordan, Palestine & Israel already and planning travel to Africa in a few weeks;  conference work in the Oklahoma City, the state of Oklahoma, and in California;  writing recommendations and applications for others in projects;  making my own applications for projects;  grading (lots of grading!); nursing a shoulder injury and the requisite appointments and some physical therapy for recovery from a partial rotator cuff tear (wondering if the WaveHouse Surfing experience was really worth it – but it was!); a commitment to read again the Isaiah textbooks I have assigned for the Seminary course I’m teaching; vacancies and make-ready work in our rental properties; church life with family in Sabbath cycles;  the unexpected and unplanned, officiating a funeral;  time for dinner and lunch dates with my wife; and, believe it or not, some meaningful time for intentional prayer and quiet, coupled with some routine exercise experiences in my life that challenge my spirit and body to stay “in shape.” 

It’s been a whirling, spinning, rotating few weeks and months; and it appears it will remain that way for the next several months.

I’m delighted to partner in family life, and in meaningful daily existence, with a woman who loves me and helps me, and keeps me from getting off-balance in my own vertiginous way.  

I am blessed beyond measure to be partnered in relational grace, shared stewardship of life, loving affection, and mutuality of existence with this wonderful woman who is my wife.

Alles wirkliche im Leben ist Begegnung” – Martin Buber.

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