Thursday, February 06, 2014

On my integrity & frugality!

Tonight I shared a story with our kids that is one of my favorite from my life!

I lived in a house I own for 11 months after my divorce, with two small children (ages 5 and 7).

When we moved out of that house, I rented the house to a tenant.

I explained to the tenant that it was a great house!

A few days later, I got a call from the new tenant who was concerned about my integrity.  She told me that she had called the local utility company to get electricity in her name.  Getting the electricity on in her name wasn't a problem, but she questioned me about whether or not I actually physically lived in the property.

Naturally, I assured her that I had lived in the property - for nearly 12 months!

She questioned me further and said essentially, "You actually lived in this house - and not just lived here occasionally while you were living somewhere else?"

I replied, "Yes.  I lived there.  My girls and I have only lived there this past year.  We had lost our other house and we only lived there!"

She was kind, but persistent in her line-of-inquiry so I inquired back to her, "I'm confused why you're asking this?  Can you help me understand?"

She told me that the Utility Company employee had told her there was "no way" the house had been occupied, because the average monthly billing on the house was "way too low" and equal to the use of a vacant property!

I love the fact that I'm *that* parsimonious in my willingness to need utilities - and - the fact that I try to keep my carbon-footprint at a minimum at home, so I can invest in others, in charity, in service, and in travel!

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