Monday, April 07, 2014

Get Things Done GTD

I share GTD principles on a regular basis with lots of people.

Again today I shared the ideas when someone complimented me on my ability to get things done. 

I share this particularly for him - and I've blogged here about these ideas in the past.

The Five Simple Steps on how to Get Things Done.

(1) Capture – collect what has your attention, 
(2) Clarify – process what it means, 
(3) Organize – put it where it belongs, 
(4) Reflect – review frequently, and 
(5) Engage – simply do.

Also, this - from this site:

Next-action verbs

Call Organize Review
Buy Fill out Find
Purge Look into (Web) Gather
Print Take Waiting for
Load Draft Email

Get the distinction? Most all of those big verbs can and should be uncorked to reveal that they contain nothing but dozens of smaller verbs. And those little fellas are your physical next actions. That's your work 

I really wish I'd had these tables taped over my desk three years ago when I started doing GTD, because -- geeky as it sounds -- they're a kind of rosetta stone for ensuring that you correctly translate your stuff into either tasks or containers for tasks.

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