Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Projecting, planning, working - it's in my DNA

I say I'm going to slow-down.

I don't.

I just shared with me wife that today I did all of the following today:

  • Communicated with a colleague about the possibility of 1 or 2 shared book projects for he and I to write.
  • Collaborated with three colleagues on our grant proposal in progress.
  • Taught two sections of Hebrew, instead of my scheduled one, because I've got one student who is so bright and far-advanced, she deserves her own time slot to keep moving.
  • After days of planning to get the right tools, worked with our youngest daughter on a pallet deconstruction and salvaged wood project. 
  • With our other daughter, painted two of the four walls in her room - the kilz base-coat - so more work to happen soon.  (Also taught her painter tricks on how to not spill, reuse brushes, clean and dry brushes, and a few other tricks of the trade.)
  • Collaborated with another colleague and 2 potential artists to draft sketches of 10 archealogical finds for his School's publishing project.
  • Contacted a pastor in the Northwest about some future work I hope to connect on
  • Made dinner for our family. (Started the crock-pot at before 8:00 a.m - and had dinner on the table when my lovely Bride finished a few things in her busy day).
  •  Graded 12 exegetical papers.
  • Advised and enrolled two students.
And, it's a bit past midnight and I'm tired.  

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