Sunday, November 02, 2014

Family-Formed Faith

I'm convinced families form faith identity for young people more than any "experience."

I've been teaching Children's Ministry for more than 20 years - and believe my role as Professor of Old Testament in many ways extends that reality - as Jewish Scripture is rooted in generational faith.

I could say so much more - but I'll instead offer a couple of links that have piqued my notes on this tonight:

One:  John Westerhoff has been correct (in my opinion) since 1976.  I met him in the early 1990's and have advocated for his enculturation model since then.  A single link to some of his core ideas here. 

Two:  This link on a Mennonite Congregation no longer having (so-called) Children's Church. 

Third:  Reflections from my life about how the Church nurtured my faith, "I am a Christian because multiple people nurtured me in my childhood Church of the Nazarene."

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