Saturday, December 13, 2014

Creating Space which Creates Us

I am convinced that the space we create has a tangible means in creating us.

We become the products of the spaces we inhabit.

The Cathedral in Chartres, France has a labyrinth on the floor which as been a specific form of Christian meditation and reflection for me since the 1990's.  I have constructed two in the past, and just finished my third.

Located outside the window of our home where I sit to work, write, and engage online with many friends and colleagues, this becomes for me a sacred space to reflect on life and my calling to and for the world.

Having just finished reading about Christian pilgrimage, this new labyrinth becomes yet a new reflection for me on life with deep Christian meaning.

I hope the space and the path itself, ever turning, up and down, round and round, will serve for me as a point of orientation into the best days, weeks, and years ahead.

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