Sunday, January 17, 2016

Mentoring Future Ministers

This is a slightly edited email I sent to Ministry Majors in my "Methods in Biblical Study" class.  

In addition to mentoring young people in the academic practices and the discipline of critical methodologies for Bible Study, I find that it is important to mentor them in "life skills" and "ministry skills" that can shape their future lives.

I hope they learn from me in the classroom context and in life skills.  These things will make their lives "more productive" and "less stressful."
The first major assignment contains multiple steps and perhaps 20 hours of work (or more?) on the Inductive Study.  It "due"in just a few weeks.  There is nothing that prevents you from starting work on it "now" if you like!   
The way you structure your time for all of your projects at the University and in all future work in your life as a pastor, really is for you to determine.  Though, all major projects are made easier with diligent work in chunks of time - spread out over larger periods of time!  (30 minutes a day for a week is a great way to do more than 3 hours of work!)
In our class, and in probably in life, there is nothing preventing you from working ahead on class projects, on sermon ideas, and preparing Bible study lessons from work you are doing now in your University courses!
In addition to teaching my classes at the University, I try to serve as a mentor in many ways to every student!  One thing I note is that many people (even many adults) need help with time-management, procrastination, and skills in accomplishing projects.  Here's a blog entry I've shared with many about some resources to help you. 
There are many great things about being a pastor!  Many, many great things! One thing that is true about being a pastor compared with many professional opportunities is that you have to manage your schedule more than most.  You have more "say" in how your "9-5" work day is scheduled than many other professions. Let me encourage you now to learn to use your time wisely and plan well!
In addition to what I shared above, here's another idea on how to be effective in the use of your time, on projects like the Inductive Study for this class, the worksheets in this class, and ALL OF YOUR future sermon preparation and exegetical work which you'll complete in every week for the rest of your life!  
Set down good practices now so that you can be a success for your lifetime! 
I believe in you! 
The "tomato timer method" - the pomodoro technique: 
Your friend, mentor, guide and the grader of your "A" level exegetical projects you're going to work to achieve ~ 
~ marty

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