Wednesday, January 04, 2017

I pedal and give thanks.

I pedal my bike to work most days.

I try to pedal for local errands, too.  Once a bike is set up with the correct "saddle-bags" or panniers, it's quite easy to transport a few "backpacks" worth of library books, office items, or groceries.

In the cold the past few days - at freezing point temperatures most days -  I pondered what people might think as they drive past me.

No doubt people think, "I'm glad I don't have to be riding!"  Or, "It's too cold for a bike."  Or, "Sure glad I own a car!"  (Some persons have said nearly as much to me when they see me gearing up with jacket, gloves and my bike helmet!)

As I pedaled yesterday - to the YMCA for my routine one-mile swim and then to help a friend with a job that needed two able-bodied persons to lift some items - I thought about pedaling and driving, swimming and lifting.

I realized:  I would rather have my health to pedal, than the wealth to own a vehicle. 

Thankfully, I have both. In fact, I may have more cash as I intentionally sold "my" vehicle nearly 10 months ago to "force" my intentional daily biking - saving me insurance, gasoline, maintenance on the good vehicle I owned.

I don't desire to be destitute, of course.  And yet, I'm very, very, very, very, very thankful for being as able-bodied and capable as I am.

I pedal and give thanks!

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