Thursday, October 03, 2019

Finally! It has arrived!

It's mostly true.  I hate it when the temperature outside is above 70 degrees Fahrenheit.  72 can be tolerated.  Anything over 75 and certainly in the 80s or higher and I'm cranky.

I love being outdoors.

I love, love, love, love, love being outdoors.  And, I hate the sounds of "manufactured" air blowing in air ducts.

I'd rather go work in the yard, ride a bike, go for a hike in the low 40's and put on a jacket, then sweat miserably and be uncomfortably in the 70s, 80s.  And, where I've been living out my exile, too often the weather here is in the 90s and 100s.

I'm much more attuned to how weather shapes not just my comfort, yet more, my life practices, than most.

Among many things, I prefer to ride my bike to work if possible.  But, if the temperatures in the morning are in the high 60s or more, I can't reasonably pedal.  I arrive to work a sweaty, stinky mess - and often have to pedal home sopping wet with sweat.

Last Fall, (2018) the weather stayed warm into the Fall and then, when it finally dropped in temperatures, it dropped precariously into the 40s and 30's.  Pedaling isn't fun in the 30's - fingers freeze and faces get chapped.  I simply want a mild, comfortable climate several months (or more!) of the year.  Pedestrian friendly ! ! !

Today! The first time since May!  Temperatures are in the 60's all day!

Glorious Freedom!
Wonderful Freedom!
No more in chains of heat I repine!

~ marty

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