Monday, October 07, 2019

What orients your days?

I have been reflecting recently on how we each calendar our lives.

With the reality of Yom Kippur on my calendar, I note that this date is important to me, though it does not orient my lived reality.  I am aware of it, though I don't live and change in precise ways because of it.  Clearly, practicing Jews are reshaped by this day!

The same could be said for any religious holy days - and many holidays.  I know people who spend weeks of their year and considerable cash planning for events specific to Halloween, or Easter, or Capitalism Festival (formerly known as Christmas! ha!).

In all of my life I want to be more intentional. 

I want to be more intentional  - NOT about having appointments and calendared dates on my agenda - and instead more intentional to how I live as a person, who I am as a human, in awareness of the dates, holidays, and holy days that orient my existence.

~ marty

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