Thursday, September 02, 2010

Phyllis Tickle: Like an anthill | Faith & Leadership

I don't tend to "do" theology in the classroom - as a vocation - unless it is specific to the academic constraints that inform the task of Biblical Theologians. But, I try to "do" theology - to reflect and embody the life of God's Kingdom each and every day. And, many of the theologians and pastors that I work with have opinions and perspectives on the idea of the Emergent Church.

I am including a link to a short video clip and short audio (all one one page) that is helpful for the conversation, I think.

Phyllis Tickle makes an important connection with emergency theory (!) - the entire anthill issue. She also clarifies in the video, what I would put in my words as: "Emergent Christians are not saying 'We're doing something new and different because the old is 'dead' but we're emerging into new periods of God's unfolding future in light of the past.'"

Phyllis Tickle: Like an anthill | Faith & Leadership

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