Tuesday, January 25, 2011

David's Kingdom alternates to Josiah's Reform

David, according to Biblical account was the unifying King (1000 BCE) who assembled the nation of Israel out of early tribal experiences and early failed attempts at monarchy with characters like Gideon (Jerubbaal), Abimelech, and Saul.  Some four hundred years later king Josiah (621 BCE) - led by priests/scholars - reformed the Kingdom in line with Davidic hopes and aspirations as he alternated between the serpentine issues facing his kingdom.  What Josiah did, was informed by careful scholarly and priestly authority.

And, so it was tonight, Josiah needed a reform.  It could have taken four hundred years - but only took four hours - as the "scholar-priest" - me - helped Josiah (an SNU student) negotiate the serpentine belt to his alternator - and Josiah reformed not the kingdom, but the alternator on his Ford Mustang.

I was supposed to be re-reading Steven L. McKenzie's David:  A Biography (and I did get portions of it read as Joe ran back and forth to the auto store)  - but most of my evening was invested as Joe and I were mechanics (in the cold!) - saving him $400  as he and I changed out his broken alternator for a new one.

Shortly after Josiah's reform in 621 BCE, the Kingdom headed into its darkest days - and ultimate demise.

I hope, for Josiah (of SNU) his Ford Mustang is not headed into its darkest days and ultimate demise!

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